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Windsor chairs, a specialty

Windsor Chairs

Currently we offer eight styles of Windsor chairs plus a Windsor stool. All chairs are made from solid wood—much of it harvested by Johan. The process for building these chairs starts with turning the legs on a lathe. Next the seat is hand-carved to achieve the proper contour to maximize comfort—a decorative edge is added using a specialized gouge tool. Once the seat and legs are finished, spindles are made by first splitting sections of wood. These pieces are then rounded to shape using a spoke shave. Any bows—the curved pieces—are steam-bent. Photos of the different steps used to build a chair can be seen on our Photo & Video Gallery page.

Nantucket Fan Back

The Nantucket Fan Back is a large chair, perfect next to the fireplace, or in a reading corner. This impressive chair has hand-carved handholds and top rail. The seat is carved using a gutter adze, a scorp, compass plane. The spindles are made from green wood, first split, then shaped with a variety of hand tools. Because these spindles are riven rather than turned, they are considerably stronger than factory built chairs. The detail of the arm rest is hand-carved by Johan.

Height: 45 inches

Width: 31 inches

Seat Depth: 22-1/2 inches (with brace)

Price: $900 + shipping

Windsor Sackback

The traditional Windsor Sackback is often seen as the captain’s chair at the table. The chair is made of pine (seat); oak (spindles) and maple (turned legs). All chairs are made to order. Johan uses milk paint to finish these chairs. The photos shown are black-over-red. A red coat is first painted on the chairs followed by a black coat. The black is rubbed out in areas where normal wear would remove the paint. This distressing makes the chairs look like well-worn antiques. Many color combinations are available.

Height: 38-1/2 inches

Width: 24 inches

Seat Depth: 17 inches

Price: $700 + shipping

Windsor Rocker

The Windsor Rocker is essentially a sack-back with a high comb on the back and rockers, of course! Johan makes this rocker for his children’s first child – the grandchildren have been rocked in it from their first day home, and will someday rock their own children and grandchildren in this chair. What a lovely heirloom to give to your grandchildren!

Height: 46 inches

Width: 34 inches

Seat Depth: 17 inches

Price: $750 + shipping

Boston Settee

We offer the Boston Settee in three sizes—2 person, 3 person and 4 person. Great for a foyer, in front of the fireplace, or as seating at the kitchen table. These settees are very versatile. The spindles are hand-carved. Top bow and arm bow are both hand-shaped then steam-bent to achieve the curved shape.

2 Person Settee Height: 37 inches

2 Person Settee Width: 41 inches

2 Person Settee Seat Depth: 17 inches

2 Person Settee Price: $1200 + shipping

3 Person Settee Height: 37 inches

3 Person Settee Width: 61 inches

3 Person Settee Seat Depth: 17 inches

3 Person Settee Price: $1800 + shipping

4 Person Settee Height: 37 inches

4 Person Settee Width: 81 inches

4 Person Settee Seat Depth: 17 inches

4 Person Settee Price: $2400 + shipping

New York City Bow Back

The New York City Bow Back side chair features a single bow with a back-brace.

It makes a perfect companion chair to the Continuous Arm chair. Its seat is shaped the same—tapered toward the front.

Height: 37-1/2 inches

Width: 23 inches

Seat Depth: 21 inches

Price: $550 + shipping

Continuous Arm Windsor

The Continuous Arm Windsor is one of the most elegant forms. It features a single piece of wood is formed then steam-bent with a double-bend to form the arm rests and back bow. This chair has the same style seat as the New York City side shown above.

Height: 38 inches

Width: 23 inches

Seat Depth: 21 inches

Price: $650 + shipping

Writing Arm

The Writing Arm chair is similar in size to a Nantucket Fan Back, but with a writing pad. The writing pad can also hold a tablet.

The chair can be made to accommodate left or right-handed people.

Height: 41 inches

Width: 35 inches

Seat Depth: 18 inches

Overall Depth: 32 inches w/ writing platform at crest

Price: $950 + shipping

Philadelphia Comb-Back Armchair

The Philadelphia Comb-Back Armchair, Circa 1760.The features that make this a Classic in early Philadelphia are the tall wraparound back, the deeply saddled “D” shaped seat, the well-splayed leg placement, carved volute ears and the beautifully designed leg turnings. (page 12, Book of American Windsor Furniture / John Kassay)

Height: 17-1/2 inches

Width: 24 inches at crest

Seat Depth: 17 inches

Overall Width: 28 inches at Crest

Price: $1200 + shipping

Windsor Hobbit Stool

The Windsor Hobbit Stool has the same tapered tenon leg structure as all the other chairs allowing it to tighten with age.

Height: 10 inches

Width: approx. 12 inches

Seat Depth: approx. 9 inches

Price: $95 + shipping