Hans Schmidt


Windsor chairs, a specialty

Johan Schmidt Woodwork located in Delaware County, Ohio is the home of fine, hand-crafted furniture for those who recognize the value of centuries-old craftsmanship. Whether creating a Windsor chair or an antique replica tavern table, Johan Schmidt Woodwork employs old-world techniques and finishes. This furniture will be passed down through generations.

Windsor chairs, a specialty of Johan’s, are built using hand tools the way chairmakers have done for hundreds of years. These chairs are built to last! The unique design of these chairs and the construction methods used make them stronger over time. Read more about how these chairs are built on our Windsor Chairs page.

Schmidt has been named to the Directory of Traditional American Crafts by Early American Life magazine beginning in 2012. To read more about this, see our About Schmidt page.

Beyond chairs, Johan also builds custom tables to compliment the Windsors. These tables have 2-inch solid wood tops that are hand-planed in the finishing process. Customers will not find any plywood, particle board, or other such materials in the tables. Table tops can be made of hickory, maple, pine, walnut – whatever wood the customer selects.

If you need chairs, tables or colonial style bookcases—call Johan at 614.332.3246 to arrange a visit to his shop.